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Is Muay Thai for me?

180 Lake Rd. Bowmanville, ON L1C 4P8
Tel: 905-922-2549 or 905-706-5494

The Benefits;

Our tradition of excellence, personalised attention and professionalism sets us apart from the rest. Combining the tradition, techniques and knowledge of this ancient art with modern instruction and understanding, makes training at Redemption a most rewarding experience.

Muay Thai Martial Arts could best be described as the total body fitness and mind harmony experience. Its powerful and resourceful techniques enable you to have quick reflexes, incredible co-ordination and balance and the mental and physical awareness that is necessary for both self defence and everyday mental, spiritual and physical well being.

Muay Thai Martial Arts combines speed, power, fitness and grace while toning and strengthening every muscle.

Learn full contact control, using a range of skills, kicks, knees, elbows, punches, fast moving footwork, grappling techniques as well as long and short range hand techniques, making for an effective self defence and a most exciting physical workout.