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Is Muay Thai for me?

The Benefits;

Our tradition of excellence, personalised attention and professionalism sets us apart from the rest. Combining the tradition, techniques and knowledge of this ancient art with modern instruction and understanding, makes training at Redemption a most rewarding experience.

Muay Thai Martial Arts could best be described as the total body fitness and mind harmony experience. Its powerful and resourceful techniques enable you to have quick reflexes, incredible co-ordination and balance and the mental and physical awareness that is necessary for both self defence and everyday mental, spiritual and physical well being.

Muay Thai Martial Arts combines speed, power, fitness and grace while toning and strengthening every muscle.

Learn full contact control, using a range of skills, kicks, knees, elbows, punches, fast moving footwork, grappling techniques as well as long and short range hand techniques, making for an effective self defence and a most exciting physical workout.


Is it suitable for children?

Training in Muay Thai is an investment in your child’s future.  From our youngest 6 – 13 year old members through to adults, we offer a fun, safe and positive learning environment where your child can develop self-esteem, confidence, discipline and respect; all qualities needed for a successful and happy life.

Through our well structured classes, your child will learn valuable self defence skills, while improving their overall physical fitness, health and co-ordination. You will notice improved study habits, better grades, increased concentration and self-motivation. With their new found confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, your child will have the keys to excel in school and life.


Is it difficult to learn?

No! You will find our classes to be fun, exciting and rewarding. Our instructors will guide you through our step by step curriculum of Muay Thai assessment levels and help you to achieve your goals.


Do I have to be in shape to join?

Certainly not! Getting started in these classes is the best way to get in shape. It is an excellent means of weight control and will improve your endurance and overall physical fitness.


Fighting – Can I compete in Muay Thai Competitions?

Redemption Muay Thai provides its students with the opportunity to fight and compete in sanctioned, legal competition under various reputable governing organizations of which we are a part of.

Since our official opening in 2007 Redemption Muay Thai has been fashioning and producing skilled fighters of all ages and both genders.

Redemption Muay Thai can also boast of its many champions both past champions and current ones. Many CASK(Council of Amateur Sport Kick Boxing) National, Provincial, and jr Champions achieved those titles under our training and tutelage.

We also have TBA (Thai Boxing Association) Champions, and USMTA (United States Muay Thai Association) Champions who have realized those honours as a direct result of Redemptions proven training methods.

Still, many of our students who decide not to compete but to train the discipline, have gained success in their careers and endeavours in everyday life. We do not force any of our students to compete however if a student expresses an interest in sanctioned competition we do provide a platform along with career-pathing that allows the student to realize that interest.

We believe that Redemption Muay Thai imparts not only lessons in the art of Muay Thai, but also life itself, instilling the spirit of success in all those who walk through our doors.


Will I be intimidated to train? I’m not a fighter.

At Redemption Muay Thai we believe you don’t have to be a fighter to train like one.

We work very hard to establish and maintain a friendly environment, from our seasoned fighters to senior students right across the board to our newer members and our instructors. We will never make you feel as though you are “wasting our time” or that you can’t achieve your goals.

There are no egos here. Muay Thai is predicated on respect. Respect for your instructors, fellow students, and a genuine respect of all beings.

We offer a full schedule of classes 6 days a week for Women, Children and Men in our clean spacious facility.

Redemption’s staff, instructors, and senior students are dedicated to helping you develop a strong mind and a fit body, giving you the confidence to get most out of life regardless of your starting point.