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Jun 8th


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Redemption Muay Thai has had a crazy week. Between, packed classes, last minute fights, and tournament prep.

A week ago, Jesse fought for the MTO against a tough competitor from Krudar Muay Thai. Both Nak Muay showcased strong combinations and powerful strikes. Jess was caught with one of those strikes in Rd 3 and was unable to to recover fully. He was right back in the gym, next day training.

WAKO-Last minute notice, JMAC took a fight against a strong competitor from Georgia. Both were IFMA representatives and had great resumes.
Along with Jake- was  MEL, daniel, zack, and Shaun all taking last second bouts.
All athletes came out champions! Jmac caught his opponent with a knee ending the fight- 1st min in the first round.

WKF- ending the exhausting day was Turner. Doomsday TKO’d his opponent in the 2nd round. Amazing job man!

We finished the past weekend 5-0 across the board.

Also, congrats to james from loyalist MMA on his big win in Virginia!! James drives 1.5 hours to come do sparring with the team. He comes from a good camp of people. Awesome work buddy!!

Lastly, congrats to Owen and Alejandro. Both these young men had their confirmation Sunday. Thank you Alejandro for having me as your sponsor. I was honoured my friend!

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