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Adult Muay Thai

180 Lake Rd. Bowmanville, ON L1C 4P8
Tel: 905-922-2549 or 905-706-5494

Redemption Muay Thai

Adult Muay Thai Classes

Redemption Muay Thai’s Adult Program is available to members age 14+. The 6-level program was created to help develop strong Muay Thai skills and fundamentals. Each student strives to achieve a high level of personal physical fitness, flexibility, and confidence.

As students progress through the levels they will become more confident and will be able to learn more complex movements and strategies.

Class activities include:

  • Plyometric, endurance and strength training exercises
  • Weights and circuit training
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Heavy Bag work
  • Pad work
  • Technical drills with partners (level 2+)
  • Light contact sparring (level 2+)